Bile Duct Cancer Phases

posted on 25 May 2014 17:46 by ceaselessprogre54

Period I

Stage II

The first phase of cancer is Period 0, or carcinoma in situ, which can be non invasive cancer. In this period, as stated by the American Cancer Society, the cancer is only in the inner most layer of the bile duct, known as the mucosa. It's not in other organs or any lymph glands.

Phase III

Phase I one tumor that's started to invade into more levels of the wall of the bile duct like the muscle layer is involved by cancer, but has not attained any blood ships.

Period IV

Stage two cancer is separated by the National Cancer Institute into phase IIA and IIB. Period IIA cancer is when the cancer has invaded gall bladder, the liver, pancreas and/or either aspect of the hepatic artery or portal vein. Stage IIB affects cancer that has spread to adjacent lymph nodes, as well as either the bile duct, the bile duct wall, or the liver, gall bladder, pancreas or portal vein.

Stage III cancer is split into two sub -stages, Stage IIIA. Lymph nodes and other organs are cancer-free. Cancer might maintain the primary blood vessels of the liver on 1 side. Neighborhood lymph nodes may possibly have cancer included, but remote organs usually are not cancerous. Based on the National Cancer Institute, cancer that has spread to nearby organs like the colon, stomach, small bowel or abdominal walls may be also included by Stage III bile duct cancer.