Herpes of the Eye SymptomsPain

posted on 03 Jul 2014 06:45 by ceaselessprogre54

HSV eye infections--also called ocular herpes--are debilitating. Eye pain is a particularly difficult kind of pain for most people to bear. This might be a great thing with regard to ocular herpes because it induces someone to seek medical care early, which helps limit possible complications.


The HSV infected eye normally rips copiously. The fluid is the typical consistency of tears--watery and clear. It doesn't resemble pus. Notably, ocular HSV usually involves only one eye, not both.

Eye Redness

The HSV contaminated eye is typically red and irritated. The lining of the eyelids (the conjunctiva) and the rims of the eyelids where the eyelashes are attached are particularly red and inflamed. One or more herpetic blisters may show up on the eyelids.

Scratchy Sensation in the Eye

People who have ocular herpes have the sensation of something being in a person's eye. This sense is persistent, aggravating and terribly uncomfortable. As the eye fixes, this symptom slowly wanes.

Light Susceptibility

This symptom is referred to as photophobia. It persists until the infection clears, which generally takes two to three weeks.

Eye Swelling

Herpetic blisters on the eyelids cause local swelling. Blisters may also occur on the corneal surface--the surface of the eyeball.

Visual Disturbances

Ocular herpes can infect the deep layers of the cornea--the clear place at the front of the eyeball. This leads to ulcers in the cornea, which are small-scale cavitary sores. These sores characteristically cloud vision and may cause permanent visual improve eyesight difficulties if corneal scars form. Disease in these structures may cause irreversible visual problems and possibly blindness. Early identification and treatment of ocular herpes reduces the risk for these serious complications.